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Trusted REALTORS® in Alberta

The Alberta Homes Team — trusted REALTORS® in Alberta & surrounding communities with over a decade of experience. We are here to help you with buying, selling, and investing in the best real estate in Calgary! We specialize in helping new immigrants make informed decisions while buying homes for the first time. Apart from residential properties, we also deal with commercial properties and acreages.

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Building Relationships

The Alberta Homes Team has the ability to win the confidence and trust of our clients with our unwavering commitment. Our team is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, honest, and punctual, with excellent communication skills, and prompt responses to client’s queries.

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Why Choose the Alberta Homes Team?

Proven Credentials

Jerry Moras who leads the Alberta Homes Team is armed with qualifications in varied fields and a proven track record in areas as diverse and challenging as Logistics, Supply Chain, and Operations. He has been an asset to immigrants who bank on him for their housing needs in Canada.

Client In Full Control

We provide our clients with all the information required, leaving ample scope and time for them to make a decision. It is the client who is always in control and we are simply facilitators, here to help you achieve your objectives.

Bundle of Knowledge

We believe in providing detailed and relevant information to our clients on a matter as sensitive and crucial as buying a house. Clients are free to ask questions as and when they desire and we make it a point to answer them to their satisfaction.

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