Hello, this is Swagath; the name itself means "welcome". Welcome to my world of real estate, where each property tells a story and every client becomes a part of a journey! Born and raised in the culturally rich tapestry of Bharath, I ventured into the realm of knowledge at the University of Madras, earning a degree in Psychology. A decade in healthcare and four years in the vibrant hospitality industry across India, the UAE, and now Canada have sculpted my professional odyssey.
But beyond the realms of industry, my true essence lies in the art of connection. Throughout my endeavors, I've not just built careers; I've woven a fabric of friendships that embellish my life. I'm not just a real estate agent; I'm your friend in the journey of finding the perfect home.
Spirituality fuels my soul, providing the unwavering strength that reflects in every interaction. However, at the core of my motivation is my family, the driving force that propels me to exceed expectations and create lasting memories for each client.
Join me in this exciting chapter, where homes aren't just structures; they are narratives waiting to be written. Let's embark on this journey together, turning dreams into addresses and houses into homes.
Swagath Kumar Valaboju
Cell : 5874389239

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