As the temperatures gradually drop in Calgary, it's time to shift our focus to fireplace maintenance to ensure readiness for the upcoming winter weather. Taking regular care of your fireplace each year is crucial to ensure its proper functioning and to save on potential repair costs.


For Wood-Burning Fireplaces:


Clean the Chimney: Removing creosote and ash buildup is essential as they can pose fire hazards when you ignite the fireplace. A clean chimney ensures better ventilation and safer operation.


Check and Replace Linings: Inspect the lining of your fireplace and replace any broken or deteriorated sections. A sound lining is vital for both safety and efficiency.


For Gas- Burning Fireplaces


Seek Professional Servicing It's largely recommended to have your gas fireplace serviced by a good technician. This preventative measure can help endless damage and is well worth the cost to insure a safe and trouble-free experience. 


To ensure maximum efficiency and prevent potential blockages, it is crucial to regularly clean the airways of both the pilot and main burners. By following these maintenance suggestions, you can enjoy a warm and secure winter season, with the assurance that your fireplace is in excellent working order and free from any preventable issues.

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